Balcan Innovations Strengthens Its Sustainability Ambitions With New Commitments and Film Options

Montreal, QC-Jul 18, 2023
Balcan Innovations today announced an important milestone in its sustainability journey for the large-scale use of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) across its technical film and flexible packaging portfolio.

By 2025, all shipping sacks and shrink film produced by Balcan Packaging and Plastixx FFS Technologies (Plastixx) will contain a portion of PCR resin and by 2030, 50% of all resin purchases used in the group’s technical films & flexible packaging will be PCR. “We’re proud to introduce our new series of short-term and long-term sustainability goals focused on promoting a circular economy and shifting the narrative of plastic packaging from a single-use solution to a more circular solution, where plastic becomes more commonly recycled and reused as a raw material for the next wave of suitable products,” stated Balcan Innovations’ Vice President of Innovation & Sustainability, Ludovic Capt.

As part of its new sustainability commitments, Balcan Packaging and Plastixx also unveiled their new lineup of sustainable film options under the brand name, EcoB™. The announcement comes after a year of focused innovation, highlighted by the completed installation of a new fleet of five-layer extrusion lines.

Three new films exist within the EcoB™ umbrella: EcoB Recycle-Ready, EcoB Recycle-Pro, and EcoB PCR. “Our R&D, Procurement, and Operations teams have been hard at work to establish a lasting infrastructure, where we can offer high-quality, sustainable solutions to our customers for their wide-reaching needs,” said Capt. “Most notably, we’re excited about our new EcoB PCR film line, which will enable customers to achieve their sustainability goals, and capitalize on all the universal benefits of PCR, without sacrificing the quality and packaging performance that they’ve come to expect from Balcan Packaging and Plastixx.”

About Balcan Packaging

Balcan Packaging is dedicated to manufacturing, selling, and distributing high-quality technical films and flexible packaging products across North America. For over 50 years, its technical expertise and commitment to quality have empowered it to develop an expansive catalog of custom-made solutions that protect and promote its customers’ products. Balcan Packaging’s history and evolution as a market leader is owed to its relentless focus on product development and its wide range of manufacturing capabilities catered to the unique specifications and regulatory compliance of numerous specialty markets.

About Plastixx FFS Technologies

Established in 2008, Plastixx is an innovative manufacturer of tubular form-fill-seal films and plastic valve bags used to package powdery building materials, food ingredients, resins, granular products, and other bulk materials. Located in a 200,000 square-foot facility, it utilizes the most advanced manufacturing technology in North America and is recognized for its unmatched quality, end-to-end customer support, and innovative packaging designs. Plastixx’s packaging solutions not only provide maximum film strength and durability, but also support high-speed filling, moisture and weather resistance, and superior venting performance.

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