At Balcan Innovations, sustainability is all about supporting a circular economy to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We strive to generate the lowest environmental impact possible – from purposeful measures throughout our operations to an evolving lineup of sustainable films.


Corporate social responsibility is not a siloed initiative – it’s a collective effort. That’s why our sustainability strategy ensures that our sustainable development goals extend across all departments within our company and aim to confront the goals set forth by the United Nations.

Our strategy is focused on 3 pillars:

Circular Design

Circular Design

By end of 2025, all shipping sacks and shrink bundling film made by Balcan Packaging will contain PCR content. Our experienced team of R&D and engineering experts have been committed to testing, qualifying, and perfecting a lineup of sustainable films that foster a more circular economy, where plastic never becomes waste.

Our Goals

  • 100 %

    Of our technical films & flexible packaging to be recycle-ready, compostable or reusable by 2030

  • 50 %

    Of all resin purchases used in our technical films & flexible packaging will be PCR by 2030

  • 10

    Circular design projects (open or closed loop) implemented across the company by 2030

Our Lineup of Sustainable Films

  • Recyclable Design
  • Circular Content
  • Circular Services

Our Program Highlights

Safe and Efficient Operations

Safe and Efficient Operations

Balcan Innovations’ manufacturing principles are based on “No Harm” and “No Waste”. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, while increasing the positive impact that we have on our employees and our global partners. View our Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Policy.

Our Focus

  • Injuries

    Prevention of work-related injuries

  • Waste

    Reduction of solid waste through recycling and reuse

  • COV

    Decrease in COV emissions (per printed tonnes)

  • Energy

    Increase in energy efficiency across all plants

No Waste: Our Operations

We strive to cause no harm to our environment. That’s why we have measures and targets in place to reduce the impact of our manufacturing processes on the environment and our communities with an emphasis on energy and waste management and emissions.

No Waste: Our Operations

No Harm: Health & Safety

Above all else, safety is our #1 priority. This starts with our conviction that all accidents, harm, and work-related ill-health are preventable. Balcan Packaging's end goal is NO injuries – ZERO. We record and analyze our safety performance and have a Healthy & Safety team in place to proactively empower our teams with the training, skills, and support to always make the right decisions.

No Harm: Health & Safety

Our Core Initiatives

Operation Clean Sweep

We’re committed to the American Chemistry Council’s Operation Clean Sweep initiative, an international prevention-focused program designed to help keep plastic litter materials out of the environment. Phases #1 and #2 are well underway across our North American facilities, as we’ve implemented good housekeeping and resin containment practices, proactively cleaned our silos and grounds, and have installed drain filters where applicable.

Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainable Business Practices

We’re committed to being a fair, ethical employer and business partner. To strengthen the positive influence on our Balcan family, supply chain, and community, we uphold a stronggovernance for transparency and ethics across our operations – and for our vendors and partners whom we work with. View our latest Annual Report regarding Bill S211: Combatting Modern Slavery in Supply Chains.

Certifications and Partnerships

  • CIAC
  • GAPC
  • ISO
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Synergie