The Power of Collaboration: A Winning Sustainability Partnership from Scotts, Modix Plastique and Balcan Packaging

Lachute, QC-May 01, 2024
The successful integration of post-consumer recycled resin and a closed loop system for horticultural packaging.

As the flexible packaging industry continues to tackle plastic pollution, it is becoming essential for brand owners and their industry partners to implement sustainable business practices across the supply chain. After two years of R&D and rigorous qualification, Scotts Canada Ltd., Modix Plastique Inc., and Balcan Packaging, a Division of Balcan Innovations Inc., are proud to announce the launch of their closed loop, circular economy project for the development of Scotts’ peat transport packaging with 25% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.\

The initiative began in 2022 with the support of Second Cycle and Écoleader Fund by identifying a partner to recycle Scotts' plastic films. Modix, a processor and recycler of plastic films, joined the project, as did Balcan Packaging, the manufacturer of Scotts’ peat packaging.

The project was conducted on Scotts’ large (55 square-feet) big bale bag called “Quantum”, which is used to compress and package its peat and reduce the environmental and economic impact associated with transportation. The Quantum bags are shipped to Scotts' horticultural substrate manufacturing plant in Saint-Bonaventure, Quebec. After opening the bags and removing the contents within, the plastic film is sorted, pressed into bales, and then recycled at Modix, the only plant in Quebec capable of processing post-consumer LDPE. Once produced, the PCR resin from Scotts' plastic bales is sent to Balcan Packaging for use in the next generation of Quantum bags.

Throughout the two-year qualification and scale up process, Scotts, Modix, and Balcan Packaging collaborated on a series of technical tests, determining that they could incorporate up to 25% PCR content into the peat packaging while still retaining the requisite film properties required by Scotts. The tests included lab trials of the film's properties, technical validations in peat packaging plants, and several months of monitoring under various climatological conditions. Satisfied with the success of Phase 1, Scotts is proud to announce that all its Quantum bags now contain 25% PCR.

Phase 2 is now underway at Scotts, where they’ll be aiming to add PCR content to its brands sold within the professional and retail markets. This includes the packaging for the Scotts, Miracle Gro, Fafard, and Quali Gro brands, as well as numerous private labels.

About Scotts Canada
Scotts Canada Ltd. is a major supplier of consumer products for home gardening and professional horticultural in Canada. Since 1998, the company has specialized in lawn and garden products and one of whose main plants for the manufacture of professional potting soils and growing substrates is located in Saint-Bonaventure (Quebec). Scotts employs over 650 associates in Canada.

About Balcan Packaging
Balcan Packaging, a division of Balcan Innovations Inc., is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of high-performance PE films and flexible packaging used for a wide range of industrial applications across North America. For over 50 years, its technical expertise have empowered the company to develop an expansive catalog of custom-made solutions that protect and promote its customers’ products — and reduce the environmental impact of its packaging. In fact, its Vice President of Innovation & Sustainability, Ludovic Capt, was named one of Plastics News’ 2023 Notable Leaders in Sustainability for his work in driving Balcan Packaging’s circular solutions within the industry.

About Modix Plastique
Modix Plastique, a manufacturer of high-quality LDPE reprocessed resins, has positioned itself as a leader in the development of recycling and reprocessing for post-consumer flexible plastic packaging across various sectors. Its current project with Scotts and Balcan Packaging is a prime example of Modix’s track record of success across challenging industrial applications, where recovered plastics were traditionally destined for export or landfill due to their contamination with organic matter. Modix’s unmatched process and expertise in handling flexible packaging has enabled it to give a second life to various streams of plastic waste used throughout North America.

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